Kate’s work explores how our private identities are expressed through the things we collect and the material mass we will eventually leave behind. She is interested in the value and function of collected objects and the narrative that is formed through the creative activity of assembling a collection. By exploiting the transformative properties of glass, cheap knick-knacks, 1970s wallpaper and gaudy flowers morph into precious decorations, adorning large urns and sparkling mosaics. 

She completed her honours degree at the ANU School of Art Glass Workshop in Canberra in 2013, incorporating a diverse practice ranging from traditional processes of blown glass, lost wax casting and mosaic, alongside new technologies such as waterjet cutting and ceramic decals. In 2015, Kate completed the two-year Associate Program at the prestigious JamFactory Craft and Design facility in Adelaide.

Working out of the world-class Canberra Glassworks, Kate divides her time between creating one-off works for exhibition, commissions and her production range, assisting some of Australia's leading glassblowers and Project Managing the annual DESIGN Canberra Festival.